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Biometric for Things

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Stratint provides solutions and services in the domain of Anti Counterfeiting , Brand Protection, Document Security & Identity Management. With a "NextGen" concept of "Bio-metric for Things" Stratint, in association with Prooftag SAS of France having strong presence across Europe, Africa and Americas, has array of solutions that can fight the complexities of counterfeiting and duplicacy issues of the customers . Our objective is to consumerize this technology and make it available for benefit of end customer as well as protection of the businesses. 

 "Stratint Technologies is the exclusive strategic & technology partner of Prooftag SAS, France"  

Physical Authentication Mechanism


Conventional security technologies are mass-produced and consequently mass-reproducible. Only technologies that cannot be reproduced, even by their own manufacturer, guarantee efficient protection against counterfeiting.

Since 2004, Prooftag has developed its own security solutions based on a chaosmetric concept. Like biometrics, that refers to the identification of humans by their characteristics or traits, chaosmetric relies on the recording of physically unclonable features to create a serialized authentication element.

Digital Authentication Platform

Prooftag Cerv is a secure digital platform for web services built on the PaaS model (Platform as a Service). This interface facilitates both managing and monitoring certification, trace-ability and presentation of your products and documents. 





JUST "HOLOGRAMS" CANNOT help fight counterfeiting.

In a digitized world where the counterfeiters are using new techniques to dent the businesses, need of the hour is to adopt technologies like Prooftag to empower your consumer & protect your brands. Understand how

Key Solution Offerings

Augmented Identity

An identity management system that simultaneously ensures privacy, trust and guarantees secure authentication and verifiable transactions. Because, we believe that securing identity is key to make our world a safer place. 

Track & Trace

Specifically designed to control mass serialization of your product, the CertiTRACK Manufacturing Execution System (MES) simplifies data management by centralizing the information related to your products and the associated processes. 

Web services & Analytics

Prooftag Cerv provides data on product inquiries, and enables monitoring of points of distribution, or issuance. It adapts to your needs, in both the range of services available and in the scope of specific services.
Hosted in IBM datacenters, Prooftag Cerv has a redundant secure infrastructure (ISO27001 certified with management and supervision of flows, back-up and incidents). 


Prooftags Global Process - Understand the complete cycle from " Generation of a bubble tag to authentication by the end user".

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